Submitting Artwork

Preferred Applications:
For best results, please submit the source files (the original files from the program it was created in) with a PDF of your final version. We use the latest version of the Adobe Creative Suite on a PC. For most promotional products, vector artwork is preferred.

  • InDesign (InDesign files should be packaged with linked images and fonts included.)
  • Illustrator (Illustrator and EPS files should have all fonts outlined.)
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Acrobat pdf (In PDF files, all fonts should be embedded.)
  • Microsoft Word (Saved as a .pdf)
  • Microsoft Publisher (Saved as a .pdf, not recommended)

Acceptable File Formats
 For quality printing, please provide vector art and/or rasterized art which is 300 dpi at the finished printed size in the following formats:

  • .tif (hi resolution only/not compressed)
  • .eps or .ai
  • .jpg (hi resolution only/not compressed)
  • .pdf

Other formats not listed may still be acceptedcontact usfor more information.

Preparing your Artwork
Multiple revisions can be costly, make sure your files are ready to print. Be sure to "preflight" your files for color, fonts, and file resolution.

  • Include crop marks (no other registration marks needed)
  • Allow for bleeds, 1/8 inch (0.125) art that touches border must extend beyond it.
  • Provide all fonts or convert fonts to outlines
  • Provide all linked files (scans, photos, artwork)
  • Provide a High Resolution PDF or hard copy proof
  • Spell check all files

Note: Most files from the web are too small to print properly, please submit your art at the highest possible dpi; 300 dpi at actual printing size  recommended for best results.

Include a “text safe area”in Indesign (Margins)

In an open InDesign document, on the top left of the bar, go to: Layout > Margins & Columns
Add a 0.25 inch margin, this is the “Text Safe Area,” no important information should pass this line. This insures text and other important information does not get cut off.

Submitting your Artwork

  1. Email us your artwork directly if it is smaller than 17 Mb.

  2. You can usedropbox.It's free but you will need to sign up.

  3. You can also usegoogle drive.It's free and a good choice if you already have a gmail account.

  4. Wetransferis for transferring large files

If you need graphic editing or converting software there are several good free choices out there such asgimpfor pictures (raster based) andinkscapefor illustrations (vector based).

Need more information? We're here to help!

If you need any help preparing or submitting your artwork, please contact our resident graphic designer Jamie. She can talk you through the steps, give you advice and instructions or prepare the files for you.

Jamie McIntosh, Graphic Designer
812-334-8189 ext. 204

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