Database Management

We provide data processing, list management and address verification services.
When it comes to list management services, we can maintain your customer lists! Ask about Cass certification, street address correction, duplicate purge, address forwarding and telephone append to keep your list in top form for mailing.

List Management: Keep your lists up to date. A bad database leads to returns, wrong offers and wrong postage which can cost you. Our list management services include:

  • Standardizing mailing list formats
  • Eliminating duplicates
  • Combining multiple lists
  • Purchasing lists
  • Pre-sort, this qualifies you for the lowest postage rates. 
  • List Analysis, identify characteristics for your best prospects
  • Data clean up,reduce undeliverable mail
  • Data Entry
  • NCOA: Address /List Verification

Need a mailing list?  We’ll find one to meet all your requirements!  
We can assist you with targeting the demographic region you want to hit with your advertising campaign.

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Database Management