File Upload

We accept files in a number of ways:

Email: If your file is under 17 Mb, you canemail us directly.

File Hosts: If your file is over 17 mb You can useDropbox,Google Drive,or Wetransferthey all free to use though some require sign up. Google drive is a good choice if you already have a gmail account.

Physical Media: On a disc or flash drive, mail or drop off during business hours.

Free Graphics Programs
If you need graphic editing or converting software there are several good free choices out there such asgimpfor pictures (like photoshop: .psd, .tiff, .jpg)
andinkscapefor illustrations (vector based, like illustrator: .eps, pdf, .ai).

To learn more about submitting and preparing artwork for printClick Here.

Need more information? We're here to help!
If you need any help preparing or submitting your artwork, please contact our resident graphic designer Jamie. She can talk you through the steps, give you advice and instructions or prepare your files for you.

Jamie McIntosh, Graphic Designer
812-334-8189 ext. 204